Issue 58 :: Latest Issue

Inside this issue of UltraMarine Magazine: Interzoo Report – John Clipperton reports on all of the new offerings in Nüremberg, Germany. Meet the Inverts: Mantis Shrimps – Jim Fatherree targets his favourite reef invertebrates, the mantis shrimps of the stomatopod … Read more

Issue 57

Inside this issue of UltraMarine Magazine: Fishes in Focus: Coral Gobies of the Gobiodon Genus – John Clipperton finds that there’s ‘more than meets the eye’ as he brings his macro lens to bear on the diminutive coral gobies. Quick … Read more

Issue 56

Inside this issue of UltraMarine Magazine: Fishes in Focus: Hoplolatilus genus – You couldn’t decorate your bathroom wall with them, but they are interesting all the same. John Clipperton introduces the elusive and alluring tilefishes of the Hoplolatilus genus. Meet … Read more

Issue 55

Inside this issue of UltraMarine Magazine: Close-up on Corals: The Order Corallimorpharia – Bob Fenner takes a trip into the realm of those magical marine mushrooms and introduces us to an entire order of these fascinating false corals. The Feminine Touch – She’s … Read more

Issue 54

Inside this issue of UltraMarine Magazine: Quick Look: Vertex Rx-C 6D Calcium Reactor – John Clipperton takes a quick look at this new product. Close-up on Corals: The Family Euphyllidae – Bob Fenner kicks-off another new series with an intimate … Read more

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UltraMarine Magazine Issue 1 : Free PDF

  • UM Issue 1 :: Free PDF - When we published our 50th issue, we promised to make a PDF copy of UltraMarine Magazine Issue 1 available for download*, so here it is! It would make us very happy if you chose to post a link on Facebook, … Read more

Video: Cubic Orbit 20 Jellyfish Aquarium

Feature: Scott & Vicky's Juwel 450

  • Scott & Vikky’s Juwel 450 - Reefing dedication at its best Text and images: Richard Aspinall When Vikky emailed me last year and asked if I wanted to feature her partner’s reef in UM I was initially unsure, it was a bow-fronted model and they don’t … Read more

Quick Look: TMC REEF-Flow 4

  • Quick look: TMC REEF-Flow 4 - Richard Aspinall takes a quick look at this new range. The REEF-Flow 4 from TMC is the smallest in their new range of circulation pumps and retails at £64.99. The 8, 15 and 20 models range from £84.99 to £124.99 … Read more

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... to one of the world's leading marine specialist magazines. UltraMarine Magazine caters for all aspects of the marine fish hobby, from absolute beginner to the most advanced aquarist. Here's what one of our subscribers told us recently:
... enjoyed reading the magazine and found it to be very professional and informative with great photography." Mike, London.
UltraMarine's outstanding images and inspirational content will leave you full of ideas for your own aquarium, and will be an essential tool in guiding you through new set-ups, maintenance, stocking and equipment choices, and tank health. Our own inspiration stems from a wide appreciation beyond the borders of our marine tanks, often tackling issues surrounding oceanography so that we can better understand our captive environments. Our contributors boast a level of knowledge and experience second to none in the world, offering the reader new perspectives and insights into the hobby. This magazine gives you 84-plus PAGES of high quality articles and photography, from top quality contributors.

What the Professionals Say

I like the way the mag is put together. Stunning photography, easy to read, interesting articles that inform and educate, whilst not taking itself too seriously. A must-read magazine for aquarists of all abilities.

Dale Pritchard, Director Ecoreef UK

Ultramarine Magazine is a great way to find out what is happening in the marine aquarium hobby; for background reference as well as keen travelogues to places we hobbyists would like to visit. Ultramarine provides a forum for all the UK; with listings of specialty shops and stockists, as well as current product reviews of saltwater gear. Am very happy to be associated with the fine folks contributing content and rendering it to their readership.

Bob Fenner, USA. Aquarist and Author

Aquarium keeping is a fantastic hobby! It brings you closer to nature and helps you learn a lot about the many interactions that go on in aquatic habitats, whether it is on the coral reefs, in the Amazon River or in the Great Lakes of Africa. But as you spend a lot of money on equipment, fish, plants and invertebrates, you should spend some time reading and making yourself a theoretical platform on which you can run your tanks and maintain your livestock. UltraMarine is from my point of view the best aquarium-orientated magazine in UK today. It has a broad spectrum of articles, an excellent and modern layout, and lets you know what other aquarium enthusiasts are doing.

Alf J. Nilsen, Norway. Author of Reef Secrets