Fish Spotlight: Timor Wrasse

Similar in appearance to a number of other species in the Halichoeres genus, H. timorensis is found at depths of 5 – 15m on shallow coastal reefs in the Indo-West Pacific (from Sri Lanka to Indonesia), mainly over rock substrates with soft coral and algal growth. It occurs in small, loose groups dominated by aRead More

Fish Spotlight: Striped Triggerfish

Hailing from the Indo-West Pacific, the striped or linespot triggerfish is a rare species that inhabits offshore reefs at depths of up to 50m. It is said to favour open water well above the sea floor. A member of the Xanthichthys genus, this species shares traits common to other species in that it is reportedRead More

Calcium Reactors: Understanding the Basics

Calcium Reactor Basics

By Richard Aspinall Richard runs through the basics of setting up this often confusing bit of kit Images: R. Aspinall There are several ways to maintain the levels of calcium, alkalinity and magnesium within our systems. The ‘Big 3’ as they are often known, are the parameters that we need to monitor most closely andRead More