Issue 71 :: Latest Issue

Includes: Close Look Review – The futuristic Maxspect Turbine Duo is the subject of our product focus this issue. Enter the Coral Cave – John Clipperton quizzes Blue Planet Aquarium Curator Dave Wolfenden about the attraction’s large fish-only Coral Cave exhibit. Close-up on Corals: Trumpets – Those good old corals of the Caulastrea genus getRead More

Issue 70

UltraMarine Magazine Issue 70

Includes: Close Look – Product Review – Neptune Systems COR-20 Interzoo 2018 Show Report – Read our special 12 page report for a preview of the hottest new marine products heading your way in the coming months. Mike’s Guide to Fragging –  Mike Paletta charts the evolution of coral fragmentation as a method for stocking a new reefRead More

Issue 69

UltraMarine Magazine Issue 69

Includes: Close Look – Product Reviews – In this issue, the Tunze DOC 9430 DC skimmer is under the spotlight. An Arabian Adventure – Ex-Editor Richard Aspinall is off on another expedition (the lucky man!). This time it’s to the alluring Hallaniyat Islands, Oman. What will he find lurking in the depths? Fishes in Focus –  JohnRead More

Issue 68

In this issue of UltraMarine magazine: Close Look – Product Reviews – In this issue we get hands-on with a bespoke tank cover from ReefTops and the Milwaukee MA887 Digital Seawater Refractometer.  Green Seas and Blue Carbon – Richard Aspinall dons wetsuit and once again slips seal-like into the watery realm; this time he’s on aRead More

Issue 67

In this issue of UltraMarine magazine: Close Look – Product Reviews – In this issue we take a look at a new aquarium controller from Tunze; the Smartcontroller 7000, and a sump filtration system to top all others, from Vertex Aquaristik. Product News Special: Aqua Telford 2017 – Show Report – After attending this major UK aquaticsRead More

Issue 66

Inside this issue of UltraMarine Magazine: Close Look – Product Reviews In our product reviews this issue, Keith Moyle gets his hands on the new ATK module from Neptune while John Clipperton installs some Philips Coralcare LED fixtures and gets a first look Sicce’s new SDC return pump. An Ounce of Prevention US reefing veteran MikeRead More

Issue 65

Inside this issue of UltraMarine Magazine: Close Look – A pumped RO/DI unit from Vyair and Prodibio’s new Pure Ocean Expert Reef Salt come under scrutiny. Old Tank Syndrome – Keith Moyle investigates a perhaps poorly understood phenomenon that may afflict ageing reefs and asks, have you got OTS? What’s the Hype… about Hyposalinity? – Kirsty Youngs takesRead More

Issue 64

Inside this issue of UltraMarine Magazine: Close Look: Vertex Aquaristik Omega 200i Protein Skimmer Reflections (Part 2): Keith Moyle reverses out of memory lane and on the way points out the key developments that have affected the hobby from the 90s to the present day. Definitive Guide to: Ozone and UV: Dave Wolfenden turns his attention to theseRead More

Issue 63

Inside this issue of UltraMarine Magazine: Close Look: EcoTech Radion XR30w G4 Pro Close Look: Revisit – John Clipperton follows up his 2016 review with a look at how his Red Sea Max Nano is coming along. Reflections (Part 1) – Seasoned UK hobbyist Keith Moyle proffers some pertinent perspective by taking us way backRead More

Issue 62

Inside this issue of UltraMarine Magazine: Quick Look: TMC REEF-Cam – Keith Moyle checks out TMC’s latest offering which allows you to monitor your tank with a literal fish-eye view of your aquarium livestock. What’s in a Name? An Introduction to Binominal Nomenclature – Binomi-what? Richard Aspinall explains what those funny scientific names actually meanRead More