Issue 71

Includes: Close Look Review – The futuristic Maxspect Turbine Duo is the subject of our product focus this issue. Enter the Coral Cave – John Clipperton quizzes Blue Planet Aquarium Curator Dave Wolfenden about the attraction’s large fish-only Coral Cave exhibit. Close-up on Corals: Trumpets – Those good old corals of the Caulastrea genus getRead More

Issue 84 : Latest Issue

Includes: Reef Icons – No. 10 – Whether it’s an introduction or a re-acquaintance, it’s time to spend some time getting to know the iconic Purple Tang. Close Look Reviews – We bring you the lowdown on two more hot, new reef products – the Philips CoralCare Gen2, and Reef Factory’s dosing pump range (includingRead More

Issue 83

Includes: Reef Icons – No. 9 – John Clipperton turns the spotlight onto another iconic reef species that deserves the love… this time it’s the turn of the stunning Orchid Dottyback. Close Look Reviews – we unbox and install one of EcoTech’s new 5th generation Radion LED lights – the XR15 ‘Blue’. Next up, it’sRead More

Issue 82

Includes: Reef Icons – No. 8 – John Clipperton highlights another iconic reef fish species that deserves a second look… the Green Chromis. Close Look Reviews – In this issue, we unbox and install both the ReefOCTO Varios return pump and an Ultra Reef Borei UKB-120 skimmer. Reflecting on the Lockdown – Mike Paletta sharesRead More

Issue 81

Includes: Reef Icons – No. 7 – John Clipperton pays homage to another iconic reef fish species that deserves a special place in the hobby Hall of Fame. Close Look Reviews – Under the microscope this issue we have the Sicce XStream SDC propeller pump, and TMC Eco Rock. Organised Chaos – Mike Paletta givesRead More

Issue 80

Close Look Review – It’s a product double-header this issue as first Keith Moyle installs and evaluates a ClariSea SK3000 fleece filter, and then John Clipperton follows-up with an un-box and set-up of and Aquarium Systems L’Aquarium 2.0 tank and cabinet. Fish in the Reef: Friend or Foe? – Veteran US reefer Mike Paletta drawsRead More

Issue 79

AQUA 2019 Show Report – Mid-October saw reef trade representatives assemble in Telford, UK. As ever, we were there to sort the wheat from the chaff with our definitive 12 page special report. Feed the Reef – Mike Paletta guides us through the sometimes inexact science of providing a healthy diet for your reef residents. Mucky Secrets –Read More

Issue 78

Close Look Product Review – The test tank is in need of a serious sprucing so what better opportunity to put D-Ds Aquascraper 4 in 1 Cleaning Kit into action! A Tank Full of Treasures – UK hobbyist Mark Hebb lifts the lid on his 425l reef system which not only looks great but alsoRead More

Issue 77

Includes: Close Look Product Review – We take a look at a stunning new book from expert diver (and occasional UltraMarine contributor) Dr Richard Smith. Reef Icons – No.5 – John Clipperton reprises his series of intimate species portraits and pays homage to another iconic reef-keeping treasure… the Sunburst Anthias. Essentially Optional – Keith MoyleRead More

Issue 76

Includes: Close Look: D-D H2Ocean Smart Dosing Pumps – In this issue’s Close Look review we unbox and real world test the new P4 Pro and P1 dosing pumps from D-D H2Ocean Digital -Reefer Update – No. 3 – John Clipperton delivers a third update on his Red Sea REEFER 625XXL as it approaches theRead More

Issue 75

Includes: Close Look: Triton N-Doc ICP – we put a test to the test as Triton’s relatively new N-DOC seawater analysis service comes under the microscope. Is the devil really in the detail? Reef Icons – No.4 – John Clipperton continues his series focusing on some of the most iconic ornamental reef fish species withRead More