Close Look: Aquarium Systems L’Aquarium 2.0

Every year when we attend a trade show, we get a feel for the latest trends and general direction in which suppliers and manufacturers are moving with their various product lines. Several years ago, off-the-shelf aquarium systems themselves were the new, hot product. Since then, we’ve seen numerous refinements in the design of these systems.Read More

Close Look: Tunze DOC Skimmer 9430 DC

When it comes to skimmers, it can be easy to be led by the form of a product over its function. However, something that looks aesthetically pleasing doesn’t necessarily mean it will perform its primary role any more effectively. Sometimes it can be a challenge to look beyond the hype, especially when everyone else seemsRead More

Close Look: ReefTops Tank Cover

Until recently, if you wanted a neat cover for your open-topped rimless tank, options were few and far between. Even the easiest solution involved a fair amount of DIY to end-up with a usable product. Given the never-ending stories of people losing fish through them jumping out of uncovered aquaria, we probably weren’t the onlyRead More