Concern raised over CITES workshop plans to review marine ornamental fisheries

Global trade associations and other organisations have written a letter of concern to CITES about its proposed approach to reviewing the trade in and conservation of marine ornamental fish, as agreed by the 18th Conference of the Parties in 2019. Representatives from a wide range of organisations have signed the letter to Secretary General, IvonneRead More

OFI Attends Nusatic 2019 in Jakarta.

Montfoort, 7 Decemer 2019 – OFI President, Shane Willis, and Vice President, Svein A. Fosså attended Nusatic 2019 at the ICE centre in Jakarta from 29 November to December 1. The show was well attended and larger than the previous year. The fish competitions included Bettas, Discus, Flowerhorn, and Koi, as well as an Aquascaping competition,Read More

Wanted! Dory

While the trailer for ‘Finding Dory’ is out now and we know more about the story line, what we still don’t know is how many Dorys there are in the sea? Share:FacebookTwitteremail

A New Hope for 2016

2016 begins with the creation of the largest marine reserve in Atlantic Ocean The Blue Marine Foundation said 3 January that it is “delighted to announce the creation of a marine reserve almost the size of the United Kingdom around Ascension Island in the Atlantic Ocean.” The reserve which is 234,291km2 in size comes atRead More

SAIA ‘Dory’ Campaign

In line with the Sustainable Aquarium Industry Association (SAIA) campaign All Eyes on Dory, Dr. Ike Olivotto of the University of Ancona, Italy, has provided a comprehensive article on biology, breeding and aquarium keeping of Paracanthurus hepatus. Read more, including details  of  the SAIA campaign at Share:FacebookTwitteremail

Plastics, Plastics, Everywhere …

The United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) issued a press release 11 August about what the research ship Dr Fridtjof Nansen is finding in the southern Indian Ocean – and the news isn’t good – for life in the sea or for the human food supply chain. Share:FacebookTwitteremail