Here Comes Dory

The Sustainable Aquarium Industry Association (SAIA) has launched an extensive campaign to protect the palette surgeonfish on the occasion of the release of Disney’s animated feature film Finding Dory on June 17th, 2016. Finding Dory features this species as the main character, and the Disney Corporation wants to build on its 2003 success with FindingRead More

Corals and Fish Avoid Bad Reefs

A team from the Georgia Institute of Technology led by Dr Danielle Dixson has found that both young corals and young fish can sense the difference between depleted and healthy coral reefs, and head for the “healthy” areas rather than over-fished areas that have been invaded by seaweed. This fascinating research, published in Science, featuresRead More


There has been a story about jellyfish in the UK national press and television this week — and for once, it was not of the lurid “plague of jellyfish” variety. The Guardian newspaper and BBC television websites carried the story in some detail, and included some brilliant video footage of a giant barrel jelly, measuringRead More

Marine Protected Zones :: Doubling Reserves

The BBC reported 17 June that the United States is to create the largest marine protected area in the world in the middle of the Pacific. The report says an existing area known as the Pacific Remote Islands Marine National Monument will be extended to create the new area, and “fishing and drilling would beRead More

Fish Updates from the Marine Conservation Society

The Marine Conservation Society (MCS) has re-launched its popular sustainable seafood website – to make it easier for fish buyers, restaurateurs and the public to ensure they are buying and serving fish from the most sustainable sources. MCS, the UK’s leading marine charity, has improved the functionality of the website which operates alongside updatedRead More

BBC Features Eco-work on Thailand’s Coral Reefs

The British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) Travel Show has featured efforts made by a volunteer group in Phuket, Thailand to clean up local coral reefs. Go Eco Phuket is a group of caring divers, community members, local businesses, local government, and local dive centres in Phuket Thailand committed to working together to protect our marine resources,Read More

Great Barrier Reef Threatened by CoT Starfish

The Science and Environment section of the BBC website has featured the threat posed to the Great Barrier Reef (GBR) by an “explosion” of Crown of Thorns (CoT) starfish, allegedly fueled by excess nutrients in the water caused by runoff from agriculture such as sugar cane farming. See [Photo Jon Hanson/Wikimedia Creative Commons] Share:FacebookTwitteremail

Amazing Image of Pocillopora damicornis Polyps

The swirling patterns moving around these coral polyps may look like fireworks streaking across a long-exposure photograph, but they are the result of a cunning technique that uses false colours to help compress time and movement into a single picture. Share:FacebookTwitteremail

Sleeping Beauty

Have you ever wondered what your ‘sand sleeping’ wrasse might be doing on a night?  This might help. Reader Derek Gillespie got in touch to share this picture of his Peacock Wrasse that was sleeping in the substrate right next to the front glass of his  tank. Share:FacebookTwitteremail