Below are brief biographies and pictures of some of our regular contributors!

John Clipperton, Editor

John Clipperton

Our Editor, and an award-winning photographer and lifelong aquarist, John has worked with numerous top marine retailers, publishers and manufacturers on a freelance basis. He has also collaborated on a range of projects with senior experts in the field, and supported organisations such as zoos, public aquaria, conservation initiatives and educational establishments. Acknowledged as a ‘World Class’ aquarium photography expert, his images have featured in, and on the covers of, an extensive range of publications in recent years and he has written dozens of articles covering a wide variety of subjects. With extensive knowledge and an eye for naturalistic aquascaping, his aquaria have won critical acclaim in the reef-keeping community and this included a ‘UK Tank of the Year’ award in 2006. He lives with his wife and two small children near Chester, UK.

Mike Paletta

Mike has been keeping reef tanks since the mid 1980’s and during the past 30 years he has written over 250 articles on marine fish and invertebrates in both the US and Europe. Magazines he has written for include Aquarium Fish Magazine, SeaScope, Practical Fishkeeping, UltraMarine, Aquarium Frontiers, Coral Magazine, and Freshwater and Marine Aquarium. His first book “The Modern Marine Aquarium” is an attempt to simplify marine fish keeping for the beginning hobbyist while at the same time incorporating advances that have been made due to reef keeping. His second book “Ultimate Marine Aquariums” illustrates how far the hobby has come in the past 15 years. Michael has enjoyed speaking at over 200 marine societies and national conferences in North America, Canada, South America and Europe. Michael has appeared on both local and national radio shows to discuss the hobby and to help new hobbyists become successful. Michael has also done over 20 videos for American Reef. Currently Michael has 300, 120, 90, 75, and 26- gallon reef tanks of various types set up in his home. He has helped in the set-up of over 200 tanks throughout the U.S, including several tanks over 4,000 gallons in capacity. Michael is also currently writing a weekly blog on ReefBuilders and a monthly article for Reef2Reef. Michael also acted as a consultant with the National Aquarium in Baltimore and the Pittsburgh Zoo Aquarium in Pittsburgh. Michael has B.S. from Dickinson College and a Master’s degree from Yale University. Michael has also been a technical consultant for several equipment manufacturers and online companies. Michael is currently employed in sales in the biotechnology field.

Richard Aspinall

Richard studied Ecology and Biology before working in conservation and land management for roughly twenty years. Since childhood he’s had a passion for the sea indeed he set up his first marine tank shortly after learning how to scuba dive (he had kept tropical freshwater fish as a youngster, so it wasn’t all entirely new). Richard spent a significant period as editor of UltraMarine before passing on the baton. He also runs a small gardening business as well as writing and contributing images for a range of other magazines and media on a variety of topics, from travel to wildlife. No longer a practicing aquarist, he now prefers to capture the reef with a camera and share’s his experiences from the wild. Richard currently lives in Scotland.

Keith Moyle

Keith’s early years in the hobby were spent keeping tropicals before moving to marines five years later and he now has over forty-five years’ experience of saltwater aquaria. He has kept various systems from large fish only aquaria to mixed reefs as well as nano and pico set ups. Continually learning, Keith’s knowledge is based on practical experience, backed up by detailed research in respect of both natural reef environments and the science behind the hobby. He first wrote about his experiences in the hobby during the 70s and 80s as a regular contributor to the British Marine Aquarists Associations journal, Marinews. Since then, he has written articles and equipment reviews for various web-based forums and groups, where he can often be found sharing experiences and contributing to discussions. His current 100-gallon system has evolved over nine years from a mixed reef to an SPS dominated system. A self-confessed gadget geek, he has an affinity with all aspects of aquarium technology, as reflected in his relatively high-tech reef. Whilst maintaining an interest in all aspects of the hobby, he is passionate about marine science and sustainability issues. Now semi-retired he can devote more time to his aquarium and keeping up with new developments.  Keen to put something back into the hobby by sharing his knowledge and experience he is now providing an aquatic consultancy and advice service to both hobbyists and retailers.

James Fatherree

James Fatherree

James is a professor of Earth and Environmental Sciences at Hillsborough Community College in Tampa, Florida, and has been a reef aquarist and diver for over twenty years. He also worked for an aquarium livestock collector and wholesaler, managed a large retail aquarium shop, and operated his own aquarium installation and maintenance business in the past. James has also been a regular contributor to several aquarium magazines for over fifteen years and has authored six marine aquarium books, including Giant Clams in the Sea and the Aquarium. He regularly speaks at aquarium club meetings and conferences.

Chris Sergeant

Chris holds an Honours Degree in Marine Biology and a Master’s Degree Coastal and Marine Resource Management from the University of Portsmouth. During his studies, and post-graduation, he spent time volunteering on marine conservation projects in Indonesia, local freshwater initiatives in the UK, and at his local public aquarium. Having previously worked with freshwater species in a laboratory environment, Chris is currently the Animal Care and Welfare Officer at the Institute of Zoology. A keen SCUBA enthusiast, he spends as much time as possible underwater diving or snorkeling, both in the UK and abroad. He keeps both marine and freshwater aquaria and is a regular contributor to aquarium publications.

Kenneth Wingerter

Kenneth Wingerter

Kenneth Wingerter contentedly resides in Colorado where he works as a freelance nature and aquarium science writer. He studied in the Pacific Northwest, where he obtained a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology at the University of Oregon as well as a certificate of completion in the Oregon Coast Community College Aquarium Science Program. His diverse interests in aquatic biology have led to projects ranging from tropical freshwater paludaria to temperate marine aquaria, and work ranging from wholesale aquarium fish sales to laboratory aquaculture.