Corals Manage Symbiotic Algae Through Punishment or Reward

Corals may “punish” the symbiotic algae that live within their tissues by blocking their food supply if the algae become selfish and renege on their part of the resource-sharing deal. Corals can host several species of symbiotic algae at the same time, but it seems not all are honest. Some take advantage by retaining more nutrients forRead More

Maths Model Links Coral Biodiversity To Water Clarity

A study recently published in the journal Scientific Reports, has found that the maintenance of water clarity on coral reefs is fundamental in protecting coral biodiversity and preventing reef degradation. Science has long known that sunlight is the major source of energy for certain species of corals, but it seems its full impact has still notRead More

Take Your Calcium Reactor To the Next Level With Tunze CarbonDoser®

As a powerful add-on to their 3171 and 3172 Calcium Reactors, TUNZE® are bringing the ingenious CarbonDoser to the European market! Featuring extreme accuracy, this electronic CO2 valve is the perfect solution to delivering a precise CO2 supply in freshwater aquariums, or into calcium reactors. The device has an electronically controlled valve that produces oneRead More

Butterflyfish Forget ‘Rules Of Engagement’ After Coral Bleaching

Scientists studying reefs across five Indo-Pacific regions found that the ability of butterflyfish individuals to identify competitor species and respond appropriately was compromised after widespread loss of coral caused by bleaching. This change means they make poorer decisions that leave them less able to avoid unnecessary fights, using up precious limited energy. The scientists behindRead More

Scientists Sequence Genomes Of Endangered Sharks

Great hammerhead and shortfin mako sharks have experienced major population declines over a 250,000-year history; that’s the finding of the first chromosome level genome sequencing undertaken for these species. The study also found that low genetic diversity and signs of inbreeding are concerning for Critically Endangered great hammerhead sharks, whose overfished populations have plummeted. WithRead More

New Beginnings: Coral Spawning Mini Documentary

Originally shared by the UKs Coral Spawning Lab on Facebook, this video highlights some fantastic coral preservation and restoration work being done in the Maldives. Check it out. Share:FacebookTwitterEmail

Spectacular Wildlife Discovered In UK Waters During 2022

Wildlife Trusts from across the UK have published their annual reviews, highlighting the diversity of the seas and coasts. Of those, Cornwall Wildlife Trust says a number rare sightings in 2022 are a testament to how “spectacular life is below the waves”. The discoveries this year include a 100-year-old Greenland shark washed up at Newlyn,Read More

Happy New Year!

We’d like to wish all our readers a very Happy New Year… and all the best for 2023! Keep your eyes on our website and social media channels as we have some major developments coming soon. Share:FacebookTwitterEmail