TMC December Competition – T&Cs

For your chance to win two 10kg bags of TMC’s brand new Eco Reef Cemala substrate, just send the ‘secret phrase’ hidden in UltraMarine Issue 103 to:  Please note important terms and conditions below: Good luck readers! Share:FacebookTwitterEmail

ITC Announce Launch of M-Rack

ITC Reefculture have launched M-Rack; an all new approach to mounting accessories to your aquarium. M-Rack uses magnet mountings that have been built to withstand the demands of time and the reef aquarium together. The new quick and easy to remove lock mounting system gives the flexibility to change out accessories as needed, whilst savingRead More

AAC Birthday Event Proves Reefing Is “Alive and Kicking” In UK

Held on the 18 November 2023 in Harlow Essex, Advanced Aquarium Consultancy’s recent 16th birthday celebration proved particularly popular, attracting lots of interest and hundreds of visitors. With trade representatives on hand to assist customers (along with AACs small army of dedicted and hard-working staff), the day also featured special guests including Tony Vargas (ofRead More

Deepwater ROV Discovers 10 New Glowing Sea Cukes

There are roughly 1,200 species of sea cucumbers and now a team of researchers from Nagoya University in Japan have found that 10 of these are bioluminescent in their natural habitats. The findings are part of a new textbook called The World of Sea Cucumber published on November 10. Found in every ocean on Earth, but best represented in the westernRead More

Upcoming Shop Event Announced in North East UK

We are pleased to share news of an upcoming open day at UltraMarine stockist store, The Reef Experience, based in Co Durham. Look out for the UM display stand at the event and don’t forget to grad a copy or sign up for a subscription using one of the QR codes on the display. Share:FacebookTwitterEmail

French Polynesia Reveals New SPS Coral Species

Just announced in the journal Zootaxa, a new species of coral in the waters of French Polynesia has been described and named by scientists from the Department of Biological Science at Florida State University. Pocillopora tuahiniensis was described by Postdoctoral researcher Erika Johnston and Scott Burgess, associate professor of Biological Science, after they studied the coral’sRead More

Surprising New Insight Into Pattern Formation In Marine Fishes

In findings published in the journal Science Advances, engineers at the University of Colorado have shown that the same physical process that helps remove dirt from laundry could play a role in how tropical marine fishes get their colourful stripes and spots. In 1952, before biologists discovered the double helix structure of DNA, Alan Turing, the mathematician whoRead More

Pristine Deepwater Reefs Discovered In Galápagos Marine Reserve

Examining underwater cliff ecosystems within the Galápagos Islands Marine Reserve using the 4,500 meter robot, ROV SuBastian, a team of scientists have discovered two pristine coral reefs. These newly identified cold-water reefs are situated at depths ranging from 370 to 420 metres. Conducted from the Research Vessel Falkor (too), the 30-day expedition began on 18Read More

Species Spotlight: Bodianus bimaculatus

Common Name/s: Candy / Twospot / Bimac HogfishMaximum Adult Size: 10cmNatural Distribution: Indo-west-PacificDepth Range: 30 – 60mSpecies Notes & Captive Care Notes: A wide ranging Indo-west-Pacific species, the Candy Hogfish favours rubble and sand areas of steep outer reef slopes, at depths between 30-60m. Forming small aggregations amongst soft corals and sponges, groups usually comprise of several juveniles and females,Read More

Low Energy Reef – Part 1

This article originally featured in issue 98 of UltraMarine magazine. Look out for parts 2 and 3 coming soon on the website! (or you can read immediately in issues 99 and 101 respectively) click the PDF below to read! Share:FacebookTwitterEmail