Project: Digital-Reefer (part 3)

By John Clipperton Originally appeared in issue 76, June 2019 It’s only been a few issues since my last update but given this equates to several months in ‘UltraMarine time’, I thought it would be good to bring you an update on my system which of course also acts as the test tank for lotsRead More

Project: Digital-Reefer (part 2)

by John Clipperton (originally appeared in issue 71, August 2018) In Part 2 of this set-up series I’ll be detailing some of the key developments with my home system which I started back in October 2017. While Part 1 (in issue 66) covered mainly technical aspects of the system, this installment will delve a littleRead More

Scott & Vikky’s Juwel 450

Reefing dedication at its best Text and images: Richard Aspinall When Vikky emailed me last year and asked if I wanted to feature her partner’s reef in UM I was initially unsure, it was a bow-fronted model and they don’t always photograph well, due to the lensing effect of the glass, but when I sawRead More