Issue 71

Includes: Close Look Review – The futuristic Maxspect Turbine Duo is the subject of our product focus this issue. Enter the Coral Cave – John Clipperton quizzes Blue Planet Aquarium Curator Dave Wolfenden about the attraction’s large fish-only Coral Cave exhibit. Close-up on Corals: Trumpets – Those good old corals of the Caulastrea genus getRead More

Issue 90 : Latest Issue

In this issue: Reef Icons – No. 16 – This issue we dedicate our regular feature to not just a single species, but an entire genus of iconic reef fishes. Sit back and feel toasty with the Firefishes of the Nemateleotris genus. Close Look Reviews – We’ve got a double-header of reviews this issue, rom the cutting-edge Xepta autoBalanceRead More

Issue 89

Includes: Reef Icons – No. 15 – It’s not a fish for the faint-hearted nor passable as completely“reef-safe”, but we still can’t help hankering after the Harlequin Tuskfish. Close Look Review – In this issue, we break with tradition to visit an exciting new reef shop in the North West UK. Mike’s Home Brew –Read More

Issue 88

Includes: Reef Icons – No. 14 – If there were ever a fish that could make us sing the blues it would be Acanthurus leucosternon, a.k.a. the Powder Blue Tang.Close Look Reviews – Our products in the spotlight this issue are the TMC Reef Habitat 50 complete reef system, and D-D Bladerunner magnetic algae scraper.ARead More

Issue 87

Includes: Reef Icons – No. 13 – In this issue’s instalment, get to know the stunning, but frequently finicky, Copperband Butterfly, in detail.  Close Look Review – Under the spotlight this issue we put a rather clever return pump from TMC, the REEF-Pump Connect 5000, through it’s paces. 2 Years Young – Mike Paletta relaysRead More

Issue 86

Includes: Reef Icons – No. 12 – In this issue we’ve got a real subtle beauty as Editor John Clipperton get’s up close and personal with the iconic Randall’s Shrimp Goby. Close Look Reviews – See how we react to a hands-on install of TMC’s REEF-Filter 1000 multi purpose filter and Sicce’s XStream SDC Wi-FiRead More

Issue 85

Includes: Reef Icons – John Clipperton profiles a fish that mixes drop-dead gorgeous looks with a sometimes tempestuous temperament. Hold on to your hats folks, it’s the Sixline wrasse. Close Look Reviews – We present an exclusive look at TMCs new Reef Pulsar LED fixture, and cap it off with some stackable dosing containers fromRead More

Issue 84

Includes: Reef Icons – No. 10 – Whether it’s an introduction or a re-acquaintance, it’s time to spend some time getting to know the iconic Purple Tang. Close Look Reviews – We bring you the lowdown on two more hot, new reef products – the Philips CoralCare Gen2, and Reef Factory’s dosing pump range (includingRead More

Issue 83

Includes: Reef Icons – No. 9 – John Clipperton turns the spotlight onto another iconic reef species that deserves the love… this time it’s the turn of the stunning Orchid Dottyback. Close Look Reviews – we unbox and install one of EcoTech’s new 5th generation Radion LED lights – the XR15 ‘Blue’. Next up, it’sRead More

Issue 82

Includes: Reef Icons – No. 8 – John Clipperton highlights another iconic reef fish species that deserves a second look… the Green Chromis. Close Look Reviews – In this issue, we unbox and install both the ReefOCTO Varios return pump and an Ultra Reef Borei UKB-120 skimmer. Reflecting on the Lockdown – Mike Paletta sharesRead More

Issue 81

Includes: Reef Icons – No. 7 – John Clipperton pays homage to another iconic reef fish species that deserves a special place in the hobby Hall of Fame. Close Look Reviews – Under the microscope this issue we have the Sicce XStream SDC propeller pump, and TMC Eco Rock. Organised Chaos – Mike Paletta givesRead More