Issue 71

Includes: Close Look Review – The futuristic Maxspect Turbine Duo is the subject of our product focus this issue. Enter the Coral Cave – John Clipperton quizzes Blue Planet Aquarium Curator Dave Wolfenden about the attraction’s large fish-only Coral Cave exhibit. Close-up on Corals: Trumpets – Those good old corals of the Caulastrea genus getRead More

Issue 101 AUGUST 2023

Includes: Reef Icons – No. 27 – Small, pretty, outgoing and colourful, the Demoiselles of the Chrysiptera genus have a lot to offer. But will these fabulous yet sometimes feisty fishes fit into your reef? Close Look: Shop Review – Our tour of the UKs best reef outlets continues as we navigate North for an inspection ofRead More

Issue 100 JUNE 2023

Includes: Reef Icons – No. 26 – In this issue, it’s all hail the King Angel Holacanthus passer. But what is it that makes this regal (and sometimes rather rambunctious) reef icon stand out? Close Look Review – After visiting ReefKeeper Rugby back in issue 98, this time we pay a visit to sister storeRead More

Issue 99 APRIL 2023

Includes: Reef Icons – No. 25 – In this instalment we examine the bodacious Bodianus genus of Hogfishes and discover these bold, beautiful and sometimes boisterous fishes can make for a stunning centrepiece. Close Look Reviews – This issue we continue our tour of the UKs best reef outlets with a visit to not justRead More

Issue 98 FEBRUARY 2023

Includes: Reef Icons – No. 24 – While the Winter nights are still dark and cold, we investigate a freaky family of fishes, some of which actually favour the dark hours. It’s time to shine a light on the Cardinalfishes. Close Look: Shop Tour – Our epic series of shop visits around the UK continuesRead More

Issue 97 DECEMBER 2022

MERRY CHRISTMAS! Includes: Reef Icons – No. 23 – They may not be the prettiest of reef fishes, but when it comes to tackling annoying algae, there are few that can rival the Foxface Rabbitfishes of the Siganus genus. Close Look: Shop Review – Continuing our tour of the top reef outlets in the UK,Read More

Issue 96 OCTOBER 2022

In this issue: Reef Icons – No. 22 – When it comes to colourful, interesting and reasonably reef-friendly fishes, the wrasses of the Halichoeres genus take some beating. For that reason, John Clipperton presents not just one, but a varied selection of some truly splendid species. Close Look: Shop Review – Looking for a localRead More

Issue 95 AUGUST 2022

Includes: Reef Icons – No. 21 – When it comes to selecting a showpiece fish for the larger reef aquarium, they don’t come much more imposing and iconic than the Xanthichthys genus of Triggerfishes Close Look: Chester Zoo Aquarium – John Clipperton pays a visit to the Aquarium at Chester Zoo and gets a renewedRead More

Issue 94 JUNE 2022

In this issue: Reef Icons – No. 20 – We cast our net wide this issue, and capture a selection of stunning, small reef fishes that are ideal for even beginner level small to medium-sized reef tanks. The Bite of the Blenny – Chris Sergeant nervously wiggles his fingers at a fish that may lookRead More

Issue 93 APRIL 2022

In this issue: Reef Icons – No. 19 – If there were ever a group of fishes tailor-made for those smaller reef systems, the pygmy gobies of the Trimma genus should surely top the list. Close Look Reviews – We’re on the road again and this time Advanced Aquarium Consultancy (AAC) Ltd is our destination. PLUS RichardRead More