Take Your Calcium Reactor To the Next Level With Tunze CarbonDoser®

As a powerful add-on to their 3171 and 3172 Calcium Reactors, TUNZE® are bringing the ingenious CarbonDoser to the European market! Featuring extreme accuracy, this electronic CO2 valve is the perfect solution to delivering a precise CO2 supply in freshwater aquariums, or into calcium reactors. The device has an electronically controlled valve that produces oneRead More

Close Look: Chester Zoo Aquarium
Visit and Review

Founded way back in 1934, Chester Zoo is one of the largest zoos in the UK. According to an official poll, 2019 saw it welcome more than 2 million visitors, making it the most-visited wildlife attraction in the UK. In the last few years however, the zoo has faced a catalogue of challenges, from aRead More

Close Look: TMC Reef Habitat 50

Whether you are a seasoned reefer, or perhaps someone looking to buy their very first tank, there can be a confusing variety of options. You could consider buying a bespoke system, creating your own from individual parts, or maybe purchasing an off-the-shelf system, all either new or used. While each method has its own merits,Read More

Close Look: Philips CoralCare Gen2 LED light

Looking back at or review of the Philips CoralCare Gen1 fixture almost 3 years ago (issue 66) we were immediately struck by how quickly this time has passed. As then, we continue to see manufacturers going to great lengths to refine and hone their fixtures primarily to improve light distribution and blending, thus emulating theRead More

Close Look: Aquarium Systems L’Aquarium 2.0

Every year when we attend a trade show, we get a feel for the latest trends and general direction in which suppliers and manufacturers are moving with their various product lines. Several years ago, off-the-shelf aquarium systems themselves were the new, hot product. Since then, we’ve seen numerous refinements in the design of these systems.Read More

Close Look: Tunze DOC Skimmer 9430 DC

When it comes to skimmers, it can be easy to be led by the form of a product over its function. However, something that looks aesthetically pleasing doesn’t necessarily mean it will perform its primary role any more effectively. Sometimes it can be a challenge to look beyond the hype, especially when everyone else seemsRead More