Species Spotlight: Bodianus bimaculatus

Common Name/s: Candy / Twospot / Bimac HogfishMaximum Adult Size: 10cmNatural Distribution: Indo-west-PacificDepth Range: 30 – 60mSpecies Notes & Captive Care Notes: A wide ranging Indo-west-Pacific species, the Candy Hogfish favours rubble and sand areas of steep outer reef slopes, at depths between 30-60m. Forming small aggregations amongst soft corals and sponges, groups usually comprise of several juveniles and females,Read More

Species Spotlight: Pseudojuloides mesostigma

Common Name/s: Sidespot Pencil WrasseMaximum Adult Size: 7cmNatural Distribution: Western Pacific: Philippines, Indonesia and Papua New Guinea. Recently recorded from TongaDepth Range: 25 – 45mSpecies Notes & Captive Care Notes: This species is quite uncommon in the trade and is certainly one of the least encountered of the Pseudojuloides genus. In nature, it lives inRead More

Species Spotlight: Calloplesiops altivelis

Common Name/s: Comet / Marine BettaMaximum Adult Size: 20cmNatural Distribution: Indo-Pacific: Red Sea and East Africa to Tonga and the Line IslandsDepth Range: usually 3 – 45mSpecies Notes & Captive Care Notes: A member of the enigmatic ‘Longfin’ family, the Comet or Marine Betta has been available to hobbyists for many years. Usually occurring at depths of 3 – 45Read More

Species Spotlight: Macropharyngodon choati

Common Name/s: Choat’s Leopard WrasseMaximum Adult Size: 7.6cmNatural Distribution: Western Pacific: AustraliaDepth Range: usually 0 – 30mSpecies Notes & Captive Care Notes: Choat’s wrasse is sometimes known as the Red Leopard or Red Flecked Wrasse and this species reaches a maximum size of around 7.5cm. This is a Western and South Western Pacific species which occurs in Eastern Australia andRead More

Species Spotlight: Chrysiptera hemicyanea

Common Name/s: Azure Damselfish / DemoiselleMaximum Adult Size: 7cmNatural Distribution: Indo-West Pacific: eastern Indian Ocean (Rowely Shoals, Scott Reef, and Ashmore Reef) and IndonesiaDepth Range: 1 – 38mSpecies Notes & Captive Care Notes: the Azure Demoiselle is an Indo-West Pacific species that inhabits shallow lagoons and near shore coral reefs usually at depths of 1 – 13m. It grows toRead More

Species Spotlight: Bubble-tip Anemone

Occurring widely across the tropical Info-Pacific, the Bubble-tip Anemone Entacmaea quadricolor is often observed in brightly-lit, shallow waters attached to a rocky substrate. In such situations, large aggregations of individual anemones can occur, sometimes giving the impression of one massive single organism. Colonies in these areas are reported to be more likely to have the bulb-shaped tentacleRead More

Species Spotlight: Ecsenius midas

Common Name/s: Persian / Midas BlennyMaximum Adult Size: 13cmNatural Distribution: Indo-Pacific: Gulf of Aqaba and southeast coast of Africa to the Marquesan IslandsDepth Range: 2 – 40mSpecies Notes & Captive Care Notes: The Persian or Midas blenny is a fish that’s full of beauty and personality, and it’s behaviour is quite unusual for a blenny as it will oftenRead More

Species Spotlight: Pacific Sailfin Tang

Scientific Name: Zebrasoma veliferumMaximum Adult Size: 40cmNatural Distribution: Eastern Indian Ocean to the Pacific Ocean: Christmas Island and most of the East Indian region to South China Sea, Hawaii and Pitcairn Islands; north to Japan and Ogasawara Islands; south to western and eastern Australia; Replaced by Zebrasoma desjardinii in the Indian OceanDepth Range: 1 – 45mSpecies Notes & Captive Care Notes: VeryRead More

Species Spotlight: Lyretail Anthias

Scientific Name: Pseudanthias squamipinnisCommon Name/s: Lyretail Anthias / Sea Goldie / WreckfishMaximum Adult Size: 15cmNatural Distribution: Indo-West Pacific: Red Sea and Natal, South Africa to Niue, north to Japan, south to Australia. Recorded from Europa IslandDepth Range: usually 5 – 35mSpecies Notes & Captive Care Notes: The most frequently available and perhaps most recognisable, the Lyretail Anthias (also sometimes knownRead More

Species Spotlight: Yellowhead Jawfish

Scientific name: Opistognathus aurifronsCommon Name/s: Yellowhead / Pearly JawfishMaximum Adult Size: 10cmNatural Distribution: Western Central Atlantic: southern Florida, USA and Bahamas to Barbados and northern South AmericaDepth Range: usually 3 – 40mSpecies Notes & Captive Care Notes: The Yellowheaded or Pearly Jawfish is probably the most popular among hobbyists. Historically the most commonly imported species, they are resilient to stress,Read More