Issue 88 : Latest Issue

Includes: Reef Icons – No. 14 – If there were ever a fish that could make us sing the blues it would be Acanthurus leucosternon, a.k.a. the Powder Blue Tang.Close Look Reviews – Our products in the spotlight this issue are the TMC Reef Habitat 50 complete reef system, and D-D Bladerunner magnetic algae scraper.ARead More

Issue 87

Includes: Reef Icons – No. 13 – In this issue’s instalment, get to know the stunning, but frequently finicky, Copperband Butterfly, in detail.  Close Look Review – Under the spotlight this issue we put a rather clever return pump from TMC, the REEF-Pump Connect 5000, through it’s paces. 2 Years Young – Mike Paletta relaysRead More