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When you purchase a print copy subscription, your package will start with the next available issue. Due to the schedule of the magazine, this means you need to subscribe or renew before the end of the month preceding the one in which the magazine is released to receive that issue. Note the pattern below:

subscribe/renew during December or January – you will start with the February Issue (published mid-Feb)
subscribe/renew during February or March – you will start with the April Issue (published mid-Apr)
subscribe/renew during April or May – you will start with the June Issue (published mid-Jun)
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subscribe/renew during October or November – you will start with the December Issue (published mid-Dec)

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Alternatively, to purchase any of the single issues that are still available on a one-off basis – including the current issue CLICK HERE – don’t forget though that buying a subscription is the most cost effective way to never miss an issue, and get them delivered to your door!

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Subscriptions, Payments and Our Cancellation Policy

We accept orders via our website (www.ultramarinemagazine.com) with payment via PayPal or card. If you purchase a subscription through PayPal, please note that the system automatically sets up a recurring subscription by default.

You may prevent your PayPal subscription from auto-renewing if you wish, but if you do not do so, your subscription will renew automatically as it comes to an end, and PayPal will deduct money from your account to do so. We do email subscribers to warn them that their subscription is about to expire, but we cannot guarantee that you will receive or read our email in time to prevent renewal.

Given the cost of processing and administration of subscriptions, our policy is not to refund subscriptions once the first issue has been despatched from our offices. We will of course continue to send issues until the subscription comes to an end.

Switching to the Digital Edition

While we are happy for current print subscribers to switch to the digital edition at the end of their current subscription period, we regret we are unable to move an existing print subscription mid-term.

The Digital Edition is not available from us directly, but is instead delivered via the various digital platforms. As you might imagine, we have a number of agreements in place with third parties who handle our printing and distribution, and these agreements specify certain numbers of copies. We hope our readers will understand the reasons behind this policy.