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UltraMarine Magazine Editor: John Clipperton
UltraMarine Magazine Editor: John Clipperton

Our editor is award-winning photographer and lifelong aquarist, John Clipperton. John has worked with numerous top marine retailers, publishers and manufacturers on a freelance basis. He has also collaborated on a range of projects with senior experts in the field, and supported organisations such as zoos, public aquaria, conservation initiatives and educational establishments.
Acknowledged as a ‘World Class’ aquarium photography expert, his images have featured in, and on the covers of, an extensive range of publications in recent years and he has written dozens of articles covering a wide variety of subjects. With extensive knowledge and an eye for naturalistic aquascaping, his aquaria have won critical acclaim in the reef-keeping community and this included a ‘UK Tank of the Year’ award in 2006. He lives with his wife and two small children near Chester, UK. He also maintains a UK reefkeeping blog and image galleries at:

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