Video: Charlotte’s Showstopper

Check out this short video of UK hobbyist Charlotte Naylor’s beautiful mini-reef. You can read all about this tank in the feature “Charlotte’s Showstopper” in UltraMarine issue 98! Share:FacebookTwitterEmail

Video: Scientist Name Marine “Demon Fire” Worms

A research group from Nagoya University in central Japan has discovered three new species of bioluminescent polycirrus worms from different parts of Japan. Usually found in shallow water, polycirrus are small worms, known for their bioluminescence. The researchers named one of their discoveries after a ghostly yokai, a creature in Japanese foklore; another after aRead More

Video: New Predator Of Crown Of Thorns Starfish Found

University of Queensland scientists have identified natural predators which could help fight outbreaks of the coral-eating crown-of-thorns starfish (COTS) on the Great Barrier Reef. Ph.D. candidate Amelia Desbiens from UQ’s School of Biological Sciences tested more than 100 species of crabs, shrimps, worms, snails, and small fishes and found one species was a standout atRead More

Video: Cleaner Wrasse Pass Mirror Test

While one may initially assume that the wrasse in this video is suffering from a parasite issue by rubbing it’s head on the substrate, it’s fascinating to realise that it’s actually trying to remove a mark placed there by researchers. The wrasse can see the mark and realise it is on it’s own face byRead More

Coral Spawning Pioneers Share Larval Reseeding Success

A technique known around the world for its success in restoring damaged coral reefs, coral larval restoration is an idea conceived by Southern Cross University’s Distinguished Professor Peter Harrison during the discovery of the mass coral spawning on Australia’s Great Barrier Reef (GBR) in the early 1980s. Unlike laboratory-based reseeding efforts, Coral IVF or larvalRead More

Undescribed Flasher Wrasse Makes Debut on “The Deep Greene”

Check out this short clip of a potentially “new to science” flasher wrasse shared by Dr Brian D. Greene on his YouTube channel yesterday. The footage was captured on January 19th 2023 so there’s no more information as yet… but you can be sure we’ll be watching! Don’t forget to watch it in 4k. Share:FacebookTwitterEmail